coat check


Stainless steel

3D-printed steel

Alberene soapstone

Low-iron (ultraclear) glass


Height: 6’-0”

Width: 9”

Length: 1’-8”


We began this project by thinking about how a coat rack could be re-envisioned.  We considered that many coat racks take on a “tree” form and wanted to create something different: more compact and linear. A series of honed soapstone blocks form the substantial base of this object, alternating between “soldier” and “rowlock” brick orientations. From this base emerge five polished stainless steel rods in ascending lengths, topped with a custom-designed faceted hook that easily accepts coats, umbrellas, and bags. A shallow glass shelf intersects all five rods, serving the dual function of keeping them evenly spaced and providing a convenient ledge for small objects.