purl lounge chair


Ash wood

Brushed brass

Woven Merino wool yarn

Acid-etched Low-iron (ultraclear) glass


Height: 2’-6”

Width: 2’-1”

Width with armrests: 2’-6”

Depth: 2’-6”


In designing the Purl Lounge Chair, we wanted to demonstrate the strength and beauty of etched, low-iron glass as a structural element.  Glass legs support the wood frame, giving it the appearance of floating as a result of mortised connection hardware. We carefully studied the proportions of the chair, giving it a comfortable angle of recline for lounging while maintaining a perfect square shape for each glass leg. In designing the cushion, we wanted to explore how the upholstery could interact with the wood frame, rather than simply wrap around or rest upon it. The wood frame is therefore comprised of a series of wood dowels, acting as a loom for the hand-woven cushion – in this way, the sitting surface becomes integral to the chair construction.