strata table


Ebony cerused Oak

Vegan leather

Acid-etched low-iron (ultraclear) glass


Height: 2’-6”

Width: 2’-8”

Length: 7’-0”


The design of the Strata table comes from both a functional pursuit and an ancient technique of treating wood.  The tiered table surfaces, made of etched glass, allow for storage on the bottom layer while keeping the top surface free for dining or working. The secondary glass layer also serves a structural purpose, providing stability for the overall assembly and eliminating the need for an apron. Intersecting these two glass planes are thick oak legs with rounded edges and an ebony cerused finish.  This finishing technique dates to at least the 1500s and is sometimes known as to as “limed oak,” which refers to the lime paste used to create the white highlights within the natural grain. In addition to the cerused finish, the legs feature hand-hewn edge work and inlaid vegan leather caps that conceal all hardware.